Orion Leather Mens 1 3/8 Dress Belt Tan Buffalo Leather Gold Buckle

Orion Leather Mens 1 3/8 Dress Belt Tan Buffalo Leather Gold Buckle
  • Orion Leather mens 1 3/8 Buffalo leather dress belt in Ecru tan color. Decorative cream stitching provides for a sharp, contemporary look. Great for dress or casual wear.
  • Full grain Buffalo leather with grain effects. Buffalo leather is unparalleled in its softness, strength and durability. This leather is finished with additional steps, introducing oils and waxes into the grain, and creating beautiful grain effect and unique look of this leather. Has a very subtle pull-up effect: when the belt is stretched, or bent, oils can re-spread over the grain to reveal the leathers lighter base tone, and create a beautiful play of color.
  • Slim profile buckle and loops set in light gold finish, brass Chicago screws – allow for easy buckle changing
  • One-piece, solid leather construction. The highest quality and incredible durability.
  • Hand crafted in USA. Every belt is individually made to order by experienced leather craftsmen.

Orion Leather mens 1 3/8 inches wide dress belt. Gorgeous buffalo leather in Ecru Tan color has a unique grain effect and a subtle pull-up effect, providing for a sharp, contemporary look. Decorative cream stitching highlights the color of the leather, and creates a contrast. The leather is soft and supple, making it a perfect choice for a dress or casual attire. Features a slim buckle and loop set in Light Gold finish, and Brass Chicago screws for easy buckle changing. Made in America with pride.

Our belt size is measured from where the leather folds around the buckle (without the length of the buckle itself) to the center hole, not to the very tip. Generally, your belt size is a size up (2 inches) from your waist size or pant size. But it is always a good idea to measure yourself, just to make sure. The best way to tell your correct size is by measuring an existing belt. Take a belt that fits you well, and measure it from where the leather folds around the buckle to the hole you are currently using. That would be your exact size. Another way of telling your correct size is by measuring your waist line. Using a flexible tape measure, measure around your waist where you would normally where your belt. Be sure to measure over your clothes, since that is how you will wear your belt. That measurement is the exact size you need to order. Remember, ideally, you would want your belt to fit in the center hole, so if your measurement does not come up to an exact number, round up to the closest available size.
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